The Team

In our work environment, we have access to equine dentists, veterinarians, human dentists and other dedicated people who can assist you as horse owners with the management of your horse's health when it comes to dental related problems. If we feel that the need for care extends beyond equine dentistry procedures, we will refer you to those whose field of experience is appropriate. In selecting people we work with, we are only partly guided by qualifications but more by actual skill level and genuine dedication.

The services of the Australian Equine Dental Practice are supported by many people, either through personal support or by providing professional services to us during consultations to achieve the best treatment outcome.



Peter is the owner of the practice and facilitates the treatment of clients' horses. Peter also provides private AEDP diploma equine dentistry training and post-training support for newly qualified equine dentists who are establishing their own practices. Peter is president of the National Equine Dental Practitioners.



Cedric was born and raised in Belgium. After leaving secondary school he attended university to study human dentistry. Cedric worked in Belgium for several years before moving to Dubai and opening his own dental practice. In Dubai he began playing polo and accumulated his own team of ponies. Despite having an equestrian background, his interest in equine dentistry wasn't sparked until he noticed the common lack of knowledge of dental-related well-being in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Fascinated with the similarities between his existing field of work and that of equine dentistry, Cedric completed his Certificate of Equine Dentistry with the AEDP in 2005. Cedric Coucke is based in Belgium and provides equine dentistry services in Flanders.



Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Hannah became involved with horses and pony club activities at an early age and competed in dressage, showing and pony club events for several years. Passionate about everything equine, she had her work experience with the AEDP in 2012 and formally joined the AEDP as the practice manager in 2015. Hannah has always had a keen interest in veterinary and dentistry related practices and regularly assists with equine dental and related procedures.



We are happy to say that -among others- we support these veterinary clinics with which we have worked with in the past:

  • Melbourne Equine Veterinary Group, Caulfield
  • Ovens Valley Equine, Wangaratta
  • Simon Bray Equine Vets, Diamond Creek
  • Macedon Ranges Equine Vets
  • Red Hill Equine Vets
  • Main Ridge Veterinary Clinic
  • Hume Equine Centre, Albury
  • Station Street Veterinary Clinic, Koo Wee Rup
  • Essential Equine Veterinary, West Gippsland



About Us

Established in 1980, the Australian Equine Dental Practice has been treating horses and ponies for over 38 years and providing equine dentistry training since 1999.


Australian Equine Dental Practice

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